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The Conditions of† Use for self drive hire are simple.† The machine should come back as it went outóin working order.† If this is not possible G & R Johnstone should be advised and either the repair is done before return, at the hirerís expense or† the repair is carried out by G & R Johnstone and included in the account for the hire of the machine.† The machine at point of† hire is attached to the hirerís tractor,if an insurance claim is required.† Instruction in the use of any self drive hire can be arranged prior to use.†





There are always opportunities within the firm.† There are 3 requirements for any potential driver:-

 Driving Licence

 A basic knowledge of Farming and Agricultural practices.

 A willingness to do the job to the best of your ability.

In addition to these a good sense of humour and a determined attitude along with the ability to work long hours, when required.† Any mechanical and/or welding experience is always helpful.

If you are interested or would like further information please contact Pamela on 01569 740237 or by email on info@gandrjohnstone.co.uk.



Cutting and spreading;† Rowing up, Chopping with additive application available;† Carting and Silage Pit work.†